Half way there
My new baby
Florida is beautiful

I just threw up in mouth a little bit lol

Anonymous said: Gotchaaa but like what if they wanted to have fun and let loose or something not be cool? I mean I know I drink every Friday night just to unwind from the week. Yah feel me? 

I guess so. It’s not really a big deal though. It was just a joke to my friends

Anonymous said: Hey man sweet new song totally in love with it...oh! Why do you keep tweeting about drinking? 

Thanks man! 

I was just joking because it was St. Patricks Day and all of my old friends were getting drunk xD

I don’t drink, but I just thought it was funny because people think that getting drunk makes them cool.

Be ready tonight internet. New song
Even Chester is excited for my new song!
To infinity and beyond