1 of these are probably good
Half way there
My new baby
Florida is beautiful

I just threw up in mouth a little bit lol

Anonymous said: Gotchaaa but like what if they wanted to have fun and let loose or something not be cool? I mean I know I drink every Friday night just to unwind from the week. Yah feel me? 

I guess so. It’s not really a big deal though. It was just a joke to my friends

Anonymous said: Hey man sweet new song totally in love with it...oh! Why do you keep tweeting about drinking? 

Thanks man! 

I was just joking because it was St. Patricks Day and all of my old friends were getting drunk xD

I don’t drink, but I just thought it was funny because people think that getting drunk makes them cool.

Be ready tonight internet. New song
Even Chester is excited for my new song!